The Mini Workshop

Compelling stories engage consumers, elicit emotion and foster loyalty, forging a meaningful relationship that goes far beyond product and service.

Sensory Experience in Story

Storytelling is about bringing the experience of the story to the…..

Knowing your why

We are all primed to tell stories. Know your why to tell your  story…..

Poetry of Words

Many storytellers use too many words, give too much information….

The Shift

Stories are about change. How have you changed?…..

Emotional Fluidity

Even in dark stories, you need a range of emotions. Humans…..

Tension Makes the Story

Tell stories that bring others to the edge of their seats.

Circling Back

As an audience member, you have likely felt incredibly…..

First Lines and Last Lines

Nothing can do more for a story than a first strong line…..

Internal Monologue and Dialogue

Reveal your characters through thoughts and speech…..

Empathy and Your Audience

Empathy is crucial in storytelling. The best way to create empathy…..

Finding Stories

Discover stories from your own life…..

Narrator Neutrality

Does narrator neutrality exist? And if it does, how important…..

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