tell your stories, change the world.

Compelling stories engage consumers, elicit emotion and foster loyalty, forging a meaningful relationship that goes far beyond product and service.

Story Based Marketing

You started your business because you wanted to make the world a better place. Your heart is in it and yet you don’t always find a way to convey how much you care and how you can help. That’s where story comes in. There’s a story behind your commitment and there is a story behind every person you serve.

Let those stories help you connect with new clients, create more impact and continue your legacy of making the world a better place.


“I have worked with Melody on a number of projects from helping me learn how to tell stories, content marketing, and content writing for my website. Not only is she a lot of fun to work with but she's creative, talented, and highly professional. Melody knows how to pull the story out of you and take it in an imaginative direction. I've learned intrigue, humor, and suspense. I highly recommend Melody to anyone who has a creative flair and wants to expand it or needs someone to deliver that for them.”

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