Story Architecture

The next workshop will be on April 26th + April 28th from 6 pm to 8 pm. The price is $49 + 5% GST.

Structure Your Stories for Success

Everyone has a story. Learn how to tell yours.

Your life has been an adventure, full of passion and purpose. You have earned your degree at the hard school of knocks. Now you are ready to share your story with the world. But when you try to get the words out, you are stuck. Nothing comes out. You can’t seem to translate your life into a story for an audience.

Have you been holding on to your story for far too long? Many people hold on to their stories for years. And then the whispers start, “Sure, she’s writing her memoir.” Don’t take a decade or more to tell your story. Now is the time.

Imagine walking into a bookstore and seeing your own book on the shelf or walking off the stage to applause! In 2019, I performed a solo show with multiple sales out. After each show, people sought me out to thank me and to share their stories. My story had given them the strength to face their own demons and tell their own stories. I had transformed lives!

"Melody knows how to pull the story out of you and take it in an imaginative direction. I've learnt intrigue, humour and suspense. Thanks to Melody's patience and belief in me I even had the courage to enter a storytelling competition and I was also featured on a podcast."

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You have a story to tell. Learn to share your stories in an engaging and entertaining manner.
In this 4 hour workshop you will learn how to

In this personal storytelling workshop, you will learn all the story essentials you need to start telling your stories, on the page or on the stage.

The next workshop will be on April 26th + April 28th from 6 pm to 8 pm. The price is $49 + 5% GST.

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