My Story Why

My story used to be one of a small ship in a raging storm. My ship pitched from one side to another, tossed about in the oncoming waves. When the ocean of my life was calm, I always knew I was in the eye of a hurricane, so I learned to batten down hatches and live under the tarp. I was always under threat of being capsized. When I was old enough, I abandoned ship and travelled from continent to continent looking for a new life, a new me.

At some point, I realized that I could not unrun myself. I stopped running. I got to know myself better and understand the story of my life. During those years, I realized the immense power of story.

From a young age, I had been told a story about myself that I believed because I didn’t know that I could live differently. When I learned that I could control my story, I went back in my mind to the old story and rewrote it. No longer were the adults and their messaging at the centre. I put myself at the centre and viewed all my actions and reactions from that perspective. In that moment, I went from being a tertiary character and victim to protagonist. The leading lady, if you will.

As I became fascinated with story and its impact on our lives, I realized how powerful story is. Story is so powerful that it has changed the course of history. The powerful have embedded story in every religion and every culture. If you rule the narrative, you are in charge. That works for entire countries and cultures, and it works for individuals and businesses as well. As I continued to learn, I also realized that stories are layered, three dimensional and dynamic.

The story you tell yourself, comes from your personal history, your cultural context, the era you grew up in, just to name a few layers. What if I could help people see these layers, understand them, and make choices to embrace them or change them?

The best way to do that? Storytelling, of course. I started telling stories, short ones, personal ones, poetic stories, entrepreneurial stories, healing stories. I produced, wrote, and performed a solo show based on my life. I wrote my memoir (currently in late-stage editing). I have studied story from the perspective of literature, business, and therapeutic applications.

My purpose is to help others embrace and empower themselves and the world through story. And I am lucky enough that it is also my passion.

Join me in a workshop. Tell your story, change your world.

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