What do you do when your father is the devil?

Melody was born into dysfunction. When her father isolated the family on a farm, she turned to the farm animals for comfort and companionship. When her father took his wrath out on her, she tried to hold on to her spirit.

By the time Melody was twelve and living in the city, she was living in a world of trouble. Heading down a dark path herself, she thought of herself as nothing, unworthy of even living.

Then when she was sixteen, a boy from her past came back to reveal family secrets not even Melody knew about. The news was either going to destroy her, or she was going to fight for her life.

The Devils Daughter is a testament to the power of story. Each of us has the power to rewrite our story, to find a way to overcome the dark shadows of our past, and to create a new story of our own.

The Devil’s Daughter will be published summer of 2022.

The Devil’s Daughter is Melody Ann’s first foray into YA memoir writing. After experiencing abuse as a child, she wanted other young people in the same situation to see a way forward. Without many memoirs of childhood trauma for her to read, she turned to the memoirs of Holocaust survivors to help her believe in her own future.

Melody Ann wrote The Devil’s Daughter so young people, facing what feels like the impossible, can see what is possible. She believes that others, like herself, can overcome abuse and find a path to joy and success.

We are often stuck in the narratives of the past. When we examine the stories others tell about us, we can rewrite to better serve us. Melody Ann helps others re-frame and retell their stories, take ownership of their stories, and empower themselves and others through story.  

Melody Ann Owen is also the founder of Author Nation, a community where authors help authors. Follow Melody Ann’s journey to publishing The Devil’s Daughter on her blog.


Melody Ann now lives in Vancouver where she supports the success of her own children.

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