love stories for grandfathers

#LoveStories for Grandfathers

#LoveStories celebrates the good people who make a difference. Tell a story about someone who has made your life a little lighter. Better yet, share that story with them.

Grandfathers show us what is really important in life. They teach us lessons that no one else could teach us and that many do not even know. Grandfathers see further into the hearts and souls of others yet often hold their silence. They have seen more than anyone else has seen, and know more than anyone else knows.

Tell us your best grandfather story.

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The Mad Scientist

My grandfather was a serious man, with a somewhat dour disposition. I was slightly afraid of him. He was a pathologist and considered science the only way to see the world. I thought of him as a humorless mad scientist.

I would walk into the living room during a visit to England, where he would always be watching some serious drama such as I, Claudius. Something serious would be happening on the TV. Someone might be losing a head, or a king might be making a very long boring speech.

He sat quietly during our get togethers while our grandmother chatted away in her lighthearted and mischievous manner. One could forgive me for wondering how they managed to get along.

Then one day after dinner, my grandfather left the table to sit in front of the television. Shortly we could hear belly laughter coming from the front room. My brother and I looked at each other in surprise. We snuck quietly to the front room to see what could possibly make our grave grandfather so riotous.

He was watching the Muppets. Turns out the grumpy old men were his favorites. I could see why…

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