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#LoveStories for Grandmothers

#LoveStories celebrates the good people who make a difference. Tell a story about someone who has made your life a little lighter. Better yet, share that story with them.

Grandmothers always seem to have the time to spend with us. They make the best food. They often let us get away with more than our mothers would and then defend us when we get caught. They know that our parents are not perfect and that they did all the same things when they were kids. Grandmothers see the world from a much higher perspective than others see the world.

What is your best grandmother story?  

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Toy Heaven

I was five. It was my first trip to England. I only knew my grandmother though the box of gifts she sent each Christmas and the occasional phone call. Now I was meeting her.

My brother and I had tea and breakfast in bed every morning with our grandmother. At teatime, we had tea cakes with colorful ribbons of icing. Our grandmother took us to the park, a castle and a tower. It felt like a dream.

As our visit was winding down, our grandmother took us on a secret outing. In my mind, we were going to buy teacakes and sit under a large tree in the playground. We were walking through town when my grandmother stopped at the toy store.

She pulled us in close like we were all part of the same conspiracy. She told us we could choose one toy each. I walked into that store and look around. I had died and gone to Santa’s Toy Shop. I wandered around the store imagining each toy as mine, trying on the opportunity in my mind.

My grandmother spent time with each of us. She wandered around with me. We finally settled on a little white teddy with orange eyes that would fit in my suitcase. I carried that teddy with me everywhere I went after that.

Today that little white teddy sits on a table near my bed. My grandmother is gone but her love lives in my heart.

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