#lovestories for uncles

#Lovestories for Uncles

#LoveStories celebrates the good people who make a difference. Tell a story about someone who has made your life a little lighter. Better yet, share that story with them.

An uncle thinks you are cool no matter what and loves to make you laugh. He does not tire as fast as dad, and his energy is fun and adventurous. He probably has a treat hidden for when your parents leave. He tells the best family stories.

Today let your love shine back on your uncle. Give him a treat simply by sharing a story with him.

Share your story. ​#sharethelove

Night at the Improv

A story from my daughter…

My uncle doesn’t live near us but each time he comes to visit we always spend time together. Once when I was about five years old, he came to visit. Since he does improv for fun, he decided to play improv games with me. He knew a lot of games and I laughed so hard I couldn’t play anymore.

Since I liked it so much, he decided to take me to an improv show. I got to wear my princess dress, of course. We went out for dinner and to the improv show.

It was a family friendly show which meant no swearing. They still had lot of jokes kids wouldn’t understand. It was election time, so they made tons of jokes about politics and politicians. You would think I might get bored if I didn’t understand the jokes. Apparently, I laughed the hardest at the political jokes even though I didn’t understand.

My uncle thought this was hilarious. We went home and played more until I was exhausted and fell asleep laughing.

We spent the rest of his visit doing improv and trash talking politics. It was the best of times.

Tell Better Stories

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