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#LoveStories about Random Acts of Kindness

#LoveStories celebrates the good people who make a difference. Tell a story about someone who has made your life a little lighter. Better yet, share that story with them.

February 17th is Random Act of Kindness Day and to celebrate commit random acts of kindness throughout the day, buy a coffee for a stranger. Smile at people on the street. Say hello in the elevator. Give a flower to your server. Compliment an employee or colleague. Let someone in your lane. Create some awesome stranger stories by doing awesome acts of kindness today.

Funny thing about kindness… it’s good for you too. What is your best random act of kindness story?

Share your story. ​#sharethelove

The Envelope

I lived and worked in Japan many years ago. My employer would give me my entire month’s salary in an envelope at the end of every month. This was common practice at the time.

A friend of mine was walking home from work with his money envelope in his pocket. When he arrived home, it was gone. In a panic, he ran along the streets retracing his path in hopes that the envelope would still be there.

As he ran along the street, one man stopped him.

“Did you lose something?

“Yes, my monthly salary. I am looking for the envelope. I am hoping it didn’t blow away and no one took it.”

“Oh my, how much was in the envelope?”

My friend responded.

The man pulled the envelope out of his bag, “Is this it?”


The man gave him the envelope to the absolute amazement of my friend who was grateful an honest man had found it and was hanging out on the sidewalk wondering if anyone would come looking for it.

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