Love stories for childhood friends

#LoveStories about Childhood Friends

#LoveStories celebrates the good people who make a difference. Tell a story about someone who has made your life a little lighter. Better yet, share that story with them.

Old friends are treasures. They know all your faults, have been there for every embarrassing moment yet love you, anyway. They have picked you up, wiped you off and kicked you in the butt to get going again. Many times, old friends tell you how it is when no one else will and have the kindest words just when you need them.

Tell us a story of a childhood friend.

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What would you do if…

I had a best friend in elementary school. We walked to and from school together everyday, talked about boys, swam in my pool, played in her basement and kept each other’s secrets. One day we were walking in the ravine enjoying the warmth of the summer day and somehow got into a conversation of what would happen if…

What would happen if you won $1,000,000? (Because that was a lot of money back then.)

What would happen if you were an Olympic gymnast?

What would happen if your house was haunted?

What would happen if a wild animal came after us right now?

I had an answer to that one. I would help her up a tree before climbing up myself. Until the year prior to this, I lived on a farm and was an expert tree climber. I was a strong and fast gymnast as well. These questions seemed so far from reality that answers came easily.

Suddenly three dogs came barrelling down the hill after us, barking and heading straight for us. I jumped on the nearest tree and scaled it to the first branch before my friend could get to the base of the tree. So much for saving her first. She tried to scale it but didn’t have my skill set or strength. I reached down and grabbed her and pulled her as she scrambled up. We sat on the branch as the dogs circled.

The owner eventually called them and they wandered off to find new things to chase. We sat in that tree for a long time before feeling safe enough to jump out and walk home. We had lots of time to compare my bravado answer to the reality. I ate a larger piece of humble pie that day. 

Just as any true-blue friend, she forgave me… long before I forgave myself.

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