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#LoveStories from Home

The world is full of love! #LoveStories celebrates that love. Each day in February, tell a story about someone who has made your life a little lighter. Better yet, share that story with them.

Roommates or family, celebrate the people who make your home, well… home!

Share your story. ​#sharethelove

In university, I lived with two roommates, both guys. We lived in a big old house with two dogs and a fireplace. This is in Ontario, Canada so in the winter, the snow used to cover the deck and then some. Like any good Canadian, we pulled the BBQ to the sliding glass doors so we could BBQ in the winter by opening the sliding glass doors and tossing something on and quickly shutting the doors.

Maybe other people thought it strange that one young woman had two male roommates, but they don’t know how much these two acted like big brothers. They always had my back, whether it was hanging out after a bad day, or making a big pot of potato soup during a storm or making sure the guys I dated knew I had someone in my corner.

I didn’t come from a good and loving family, so this was my first experience of what ‘family’ could feel like. I’ll never forget the time when one roommate and his girlfriend had a bath in the big claw-foot tub and made a huge mess.

The girlfriend of my other roommate must have been jealous because she complained about it for weeks afterwards. We all just smiled and nodded at her apparent distress. When she wasn’t around we suggested to her boyfriend that she was angry that he was boring and unromantic!

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