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Why am I vegan? Part V

Our last in this series, I am answering a question I am often asked, “Why are you vegan?”  I am not here to change anyone, but if you are curious as to why I make the choices I make, read on.


When I decided to become a plant-based eater my health changed for the better. I have more energy. I am leaner. I have healthier skin and hair. My nails grow long and strong. According to my doctor, I have a ‘shit-load’ of good cholesterol and I am healthier than most people half my age.

All of the concerns people had for my health turned out to be nothing more than myth. My medical tests show that I am not low in anything people feared I would be. I lift weights at the gym and I am lean enough for my liking with muscles to show. Apparently, I am getting enough protein.

Admittedly, I have met some unhealthy vegans. As the vegan diet became popular corporations tapped into the market with the same sugar, fat and salt-based products that have been killing non-vegans for years. I eat junk food as often as I ate it before I was vegan.

Having a vegan diet is not a magic potion. But when I decided to become vegan I became more mindful of what I ate, ensuring I was getting all the macronutrients and micronutrients that I need. I stopped using traditional food guides and became better educated about the food choices I was making. That turned out to be a good idea.

Besides that, the food I eat is delicious, and no I don’t eat salad.

I hope this series has answered the question, “Why are you vegan?” I live in a manner that I believe is best not just for me but for generations to come. I am powerful. My choices matter. As do yours.

Take some time to leave me your thoughts. Discussion and debate is the way forward on any divisive issue.

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