Personal vs. Private

Social media encourages sharing. But sharing too much can get us into all sorts of trouble.

But not sharing can make us come across as aloof.

So how much is enough? And what is too much?

If information is about you (and you only) and can help or support another person or group of people and you are willing to share in order to create change, then it is personal. You have opinions, ideas, and experiences that shared, can change the world. Go out and change the world.

If information or an image or video is intended for you only or a small group of people, it is private and not for sharing. Your phone number, address, when you are going on vacation, your fight with another human being, someone else’s worst day. This is private. Keep it to yourself.

Everything about another human being is private until you have permission to share it.

I would love your thoughts on private vs. personal and what it is you are willing to share and not share on social media.

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