Story Coaching Circles

You have a story, and this is the place to tell it.

Stories connect us. Right now, life can feel lonely. We often feel isolated and disconnected from others. Yet, you are not alone in feeling this way. We all feel it.

Even though we are apart physically, we can connect socially. Join story coach, Melody Ann, to share stories and connect with others while learning the art of storytelling.

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Story Coaching Circles are a safe place to work on your story, connect with others, and get feedback from a professional story coach.

The story coaching structure used in this group:

  • The teller tells their story.
  • The group gives appreciations of the story.
  • The coach gives suggestions and feedback.

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Up to six storytellers gather to tell their stories and receive feedback. Each turn is 15 minutes. 5 minutes for the telling and 10 minutes for feedback and maybe even a retelling.

Come share your story!

Currently all story coaching circles are online. 

Check out Meetup for upcoming dates