From Harmful to Helpful: Stories that heal

Are you stuck in your story?

story that healDoes a Negative Narrator live in your head and tell you how terrible you are? It happens to the best of us. You shoo it away, give it obscure chores to do but it sneaks back and derails your best laid plans. It is exhausting and unrelenting. That narrator comes up with all kinds of stories to put obstacles in your way. Like we don’t already have enough!


We all live with a Negative Narrator that gets in our way but for some it derails us more than others. We spend more time in our heads being mean to ourselves than being the productive and playful person we know hides in their somewhere.

I get it. I grew up in a home where neglect was a good day and abuse was commonplace. It took me years to wrangle my Negative Narrator and to tell myself more empowering and hence more productive stories. Changing your story doesn’t mean telling tall tales. The new story is a true story that serves you rather than detracts from your life.

What if you could change your stories? You can!

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In this workshop, I will take you step by step through a process to rewrite the stories that are no longer serving you so that they can propel you forward.

Do you want to continue to live with your Negative Narrator or are you ready to rename that voice in your head?

Join me to learn

  • Why we tell ourselves negative stories
  • What stories we tend to tell ourselves and where they come from
  • How these stories help and harm us
  • The path to stories that help us
  • Why the language we use matters

stories that healBy the end of this workshop, you will have tools to take with you to examine your own stories and the path to rewrite them to serve you in the future.




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