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Copywriting for SEO

Do you have Google Analytics and sadly watch the statistics?

People are visiting your website, and then they leave…

Copywriting for SEO is ultimately about writing content for people. Search engines, although rolling in dough, don’t buy your products or services.

That said, by understanding what words and phrases your ideal clients use on search engines, you can create SEO-friendly web copy that brings potential clients to your website and moves them to the next step in the buyers’ journey. Ultimately, your copy speaks to your ideal client so that they build the trust and confidence to buy from you.

And that’s what I do. It’s not just copywriting for SEO; I speak to your ideal clients, taking their perspective, so they can see how amazing you really are.

All the romance without the ring, unless you are selling rings… then there will be lots of rings.

Ultimately, creative copywriting for SEO is what makes your page worthy of high rankings on search engines and worthy for any prospective client who finds it there.

 Creative copy with Melody

I want you to love your website! And I want you to get results! Together, we will develop a plan that takes into consideration where you are now and where you want to end up. We will work with your strengths and ensure that your website copy is ready when you need it. We will decide the scope, timing and budget up front so you know what to expect.

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