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Copywriting for marketing

You write so much for your business: emails, offers, newsletters, social copy (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and a long list of other marketing copy. Your marketing materials are swimming in a sea of other copy that your ideal clients are wading through as you read this.

Effective marketing copy speaks to your ideal client in a succinct and cohesive manner. All your materials must have the same messaging and language plus that wow factor to sail past the competition to grab people’s attention.

We can do that together by understanding and  focusing on your ideal clients and their needs, while infusing the material with your personality. Your business is about them, not you. But it’s your business and having your personality shine through is what will set you apart.

I am here to make that happen. As your partner, we will dive deep to find out what your potential clients really want and what sets you apart from all the other ships lost at sea. Your marketing materials will have direction so that the right people will find you.

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