Many shades of grey

Very little in life is really all or nothing, black or white. Turns out there are many shades of grey. […]

Are you brave enough?

When you were little, you followed your feelings. You fell in love with the frog you caught. Not the promise […]

The myth of multitasking

You can’t multitask. Neither can I. You can continually interrupt yourself switching from one task to another quite quickly, but […]

It’s not Personal

Some guy cuts you off in traffic and can’t even be bothered to even give you the finger as he […]

Productive vs. Busy

We all seem so busy. Can’t hang out. I’m busy. Didn’t get the project done. Too busy. Productive comes from […]

poor me or rags to riches

Poor me or rags to riches

(AKA The Poor Me Story and Why You Should Avoid it.) Rags to riches is a great story and often […]

How to have it all

How to have it all

The best way to get what you want in life is to become the person you need to be to […]

What can I do? How can I?

We dream big and that is good. Dreams tell us what incredible things we want to and can do. Once […]