After graduating from the University of Waterloo, I worked in Japan for one year teaching English to professionals.

Looking for more adventure, I moved to Peru where I taught English to professionals at la Universidad del Pacifico. Peru was in an important transition as they opened up their market and privatized many industries. Executives needed to hone their English communications skills quickly to transition to the new economy of Peru.

Oxford University Press then contracted me to support their distributors in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia in sales, marketing and public relations. One of my most successful campaigns included offering free teacher training on the weekends which brought teachers in to the distributor’s offices, often travelling for hours to get there, to learn how to work with the different series available to them. No one else was offering that level of support and it paid off.

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At one of the numerous events I attend each year.

After returning to Canada, I worked with a small private college as their English Program Coordinator until I returned to school to upgrade my technology skills. I spent one year at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), in an intensive computer science program that covered two years of university.

With my new found technical skills, I worked in IT as a Business Analyst until I struck out on my own again as a consultant to entrepreneurs and small business. For seven years, I worked with entrepreneurs and small business in market research and business planning.

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With a desire to return to my writing roots, I started an online directory/magazine, Ethical Consumer Canada, where I connected businesses to consumers.

I now leverage all of my education and experience to help people tell their unique stories to the world in a manner that empowers both the writer and reader. We all have a story to tell and experiences to share that can enrich the lives of others. What is your story? 


I strongly believe that no one succeeds alone. Success is not possible in a vacuum.

I have a weekly meeting with a small select group of entrepreneurs who support me. They know my goals; they know my life. Each week I am held accountable to my actions in a manner that honours all the other aspects of my life from caring for my mother who has Alzheimer’s and raising two amazing girls.

Speaking and teaching has always been a vital part of who I am. I don’t remember a time when I was not teaching, coaching, mentoring or speaking in public. I work with Danielle Benzon from Inspired Coaching to ensure that every talk, webinar, workshop or keynote delivered is my best work.


YVR Authors is a community of authors. We have monthly events where I bring subject-matter experts to our local author community, published or unpublished. I love being part of this community. There are similar groups in Vancouver that focus on specific areas of interest, and those interests often intersect, giving us the opportunity to meet new people and grow our knowledge and network. Are you are blogger? Check out YVR Bloggers. Or maybe you are a podcaster? No problem. YVR Podcasters is a great group to join.

Plus we get together to have fun as well. Networking is about building relationships, and well, what better way than to be a part of a larger community of authors, entrepreneurs, podcasters, bloggers, and the list goes on!