Me too!

Thoughts on Me too…

I know men and women who have been sexually assaulted. It happens in our homes, on the streets, in our schools and in our prisons, etc.

Standing up for women who have been sexually assaulted is not a denial that men suffer. It is not a moment of exclusion. It is the roar of anguish of many who have been deeply wounded.

I vote for a world where we put the politics aside, where we don’t argue about who is more of a victim, but work together to make the world better for everyone. Let’s put our energy toward positive change rather than divisive tactics. When someone bares their soul, it is never an opportunity to diminish their experience or their pain. It is an opportunity to care and join their path to healing.

Any other response is inappropriate and adds to the problem at hand.

Like this? So will your friends.

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