Poor me or rags to riches

poor me or rags to riches

(AKA The Poor Me Story and Why You Should Avoid it.)

Rags to riches is a great story and often goes something like this. The main character either starts with nothing or has it all and loses it. She may feel sorry for herself for a time during which she acts as if she is a victim. Then at some point, she realizes that although the problem appears to be on the outside, the answer is on the inside. She digs deep and learns to leave her rags behind and find her riches. She becomes the person she needs to be. She learns that the poor me story is not fruitful.

The rags to riches story is actually about the wealth of character, and how transforming the inside can transform the outside.

And riches can be love, money, health, you name it.

The poor me story is an underdeveloped rags to riches story, “Look at me, I have had a rough life and you should feel sorry for me and give me what I want. Why should I become the person I need to be to have what I want? As a victim, am I not entitled?”

I often see it framed like this. I am well off without doing the work to become a person of depth and character, and I can sell you the same get rich/thin/______ scheme I used.

This character is an underdeveloped person and often plays victim while victimizing others along the way. Eventually it falls apart and we see the damage done to all involved, and we shake our heads and wonder why. How did that go on for so long?

The poor me story is dangerous. Avoid it.

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