What can I do? How can I?

We dream big and that is good. Dreams tell us what incredible things we want to and can do. Once you create the dream, then what?  You might say, “That is not me. I cannot do that.”

Ask yourself this… why not me?

  • Someone has starred in a movie.
  • Someone makes money writing songs.
  • Someone runs an entire country.

Why not me?

Your dream is to scale a mountain but you have never been climbing and cannot even run 3 miles now. Does that mean you cannot learn to scale mountains? Someone scales mountains. Why not you?

The next question is How can I…?

  • Learn to scale mountains?
  • Bring my imagined product to reality?
  • Build a business?
  • Start a family?
  • Become a neurosurgeon?

The path may be long but it is worth it if your dream will fill you with joy, a sense of accomplishment, bring you wholeness, change the world, change your world.

List out all the ways you can accomplish your dreams. List the steps. List the possibilities. List the things you know. List the people who can help you. List out all the things you do not yet know. List out what terrifies you. List out your cheerleaders.

Take a look at all the possibilities and ask yourself, what can I do?

Pick something you can do right now and do it. Then pick another something you can do and do that. As you do, your ability to do will grow. As you ask for help, your ability to reach out will grow. As you conquer your fears, they will no longer be insurmountable, you will see more possibilities, and you will become the person who can live your dreams.

Someone has scaled mountains. Someone has made a living writing books. Someone has walked on the moon. Someone runs an airline. Why not you?



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