Recent Projects

Jon Benjamin Photography

Jon Benjamin Photography

The images are everything. You know instantly that working with Jon, you will get the images you want for your business. But images don’t tell you about the man behind the camera. And that’s where I came in. Jon wanted to bring the stories behind the images to life so when people visited his site, they knew what it was like to work with Jon. We selected a few projects and created a featured projects section that merged the images with the story of the shoot.

Jon loves what he does both for the hunt of the perfect image and the connections he makes with clients. His featured projects makes that clear. Whether you are looking for a new photographer or not, browse his work and enjoy his view of the world. One of my favourite projects, shows a selection of Vancouver images, the city I love. 

Dynamic You

Editing someone’s book baby is a precious responsibility. So much love and attention goes into writing a book, every author feels a deep personal attachment to the words on the page.  To ask someone to edit your book is to put your heart on the line. Diane Rolston’s book Dynamic You is a testament to the heart and soul an author exposes in her writing.

As an editor, I want your book to represent your voice as well as your heart and your soul. An editor strengthens an authors the connection to her readers by ensuring every word on the page empowers both the author and the reader.  Diane has a strong loving voice in person, and it shows through in her book, Dynamic You.


Colleen Wynia

The world is full of potential clients when you are not bound by geography. Colleen Wynia wanted to open up her practice to that world, helping and healing people ready to raise their vibration.

She started out with a skeleton of an eBook she wanted to gift to potential clients interested in learning more about Colleen and the products and services she provides. However, Colleen likes to talk things through and connect with ideas rather than sit on her own and write. The answer, we talked through the book!

No matter how you best like to express yourself, you can tap into that to create content. And once you have content, you can turn that into video, audio, or text.


Books are one of my favourite things. I read books, write books, help bloggers, entrepreneurs and other professionals write books and market books so the world reads more.

I put my thoughts and reflections  along with any books I am working on on this blog. I would love your feedback on my work.

“Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.” – Vera Nazarian